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Voucher Priority Areas in Regional Supplier Contracts

Voucher priority areas in regional procurements

BDUK introduced voucher priority areas (VPAs) to enable active voucher project build through the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme (GBVS) alongside Project Gigabit procurements. VPAs are used in procurement areas where vouchers are likely to provide access to gigabit broadband sooner than a procurement option and at better value.

BDUK pauses eligibility of vouchers for each regional area, known as a ‘Lot’, once the Public Review (PR) for that area has closed. The full list of Project Gigabit Lots and their status can be found within the table at the base of this page.

Once the Lot has been paused, only premises within the VPA will remain eligible for vouchers (subject to those premises meeting all other GBVS criteria). This allows BDUK to define the Intervention Area (IA) for a corresponding Project Gigabit procurement and ensure a stable procurement process.

The VPA is made up of active projects which are in delivery at the time of the pause as well as any projects which are at an advanced stage of planning.   

An active project is one where:

  • it is published and
  • vouchers have been
    • requested or issued in the last 12 months or
    • claimed in the last 6 months

Pace projects

BDUK will no longer review new projects submitted for paused Project Gigabit procurement areas pause date in a procurement area. 

If you have any projects you feel may be impacted please discuss with your Commercial Manager who can provide further advice.

Voucher Priority Area (VPA) process steps

Until the end of the Public Review


  • Suppliers can submit new projects ahead of the PR closure. Allow plenty of time for projects to be reviewed. For additional information suppliers are encouraged to work with their commercial contact. 


  • Suppliers can request vouchers for eligible premises and can claim issued vouchers.
  • BDUK may request UPRN data from suppliers for existing voucher projects. This is to allow us to correctly identify and classify VPAs.

After Public Review closure


  • BDUK will identify active projects and classify the premises as VPAs.
  • BDUK will continue to review new projects submitted after the pause date provided the project can deliver faster than the corresponding procurement in that area (pace projects). Approved projects will be added to the VPA. 


  • Suppliers may request vouchers in approved VPAs only and claim issued vouchers as normal. 

During procurement


  • Once pre-procurement market engagement (PPME) is completed, BDUK does not intend to make any further changes to the VPA lists until after a contract is awarded.
  • Suppliers cannot submit new voucher projects in the Lot.


  • Suppliers may request vouchers in approved VPAs only and claim issued vouchers as normal.

After contract award and during delivery


  • VPA lists will continue and we may add premises which are not included in the scope of the contract, unless we plan an alternative procurement. 
  • New voucher projects can be submitted and will be reviewed in areas not forming part of the procurement contract. Premises in approved projects will be added to the VPA lists subject to them meeting the voucher scheme eligibility criteria.


  • Suppliers may request vouchers in approved VPAs only and claim issued vouchers as normal.

Voucher priority area (VPA) data

The voucher priority area is updated at regular intervals to take account of any newly approved projects. The downloadable CSV file below provides a full list of UPRNs (Unique Property Reference Numbers) against their corresponding project gigabit Lot contained within the VPA. Please refer to the table at the base of this page for a breakdown of the different Lots alongside the relevant geographical area and voucher status.  

Premises listed within the CSV file below are an indication of what is in the VPA. They remain subject to further eligibility checks to confirm they meet all other GBVS criteria before a voucher can be issued. 

VPA list 23rd November 2023 

The next VPA update is scheduled for 12th December 2023.

Project Gigabit and GBVS status

Lot and status information for VPA page – data will be updated quarterly in line with the published Project Gigabit Delivery Plan progress updates.


If you are a supplier and have any queries about VPAs, please contact your Commercial Manager. 

If you are a local council representative and have any queries about VPAs, please contact your Local Delivery Lead.