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Eligible premises ‘Go List’

The Go List is changing frequently.  Please check weekly to ensure you are using the most recent version.  Each version has the date it was published in the file name. We also have a record of the updates made to the Go List which can be found here.

Click below to access the most recent ‘Go List’; an indication of eligibility for UKGV, by postcode.

The link will download a spreadsheet with 2 columns. The first column is the postcode and the second column is the percentage of premises in that postcode which are eligible for a UKGV.

The eligibility of premises will change more often than it has in the past, due to the increased procurement activities via Project Gigabit procurements. We will publish a timeline for Public Reviews shortly.

You can check individual premises on the address checker on the public GBVS site (visible when logged out of your account), or by using the voucher request form.

Go List

To find out about vouchers in procurement and Voucher Priority Areas, please go here