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More information on your eligibility response – preparation for government-funded contract

Why is my address not eligible for a voucher?  

In some places in the UK, national or local government has identified that high quality broadband will not be provided within a reasonable time without financial support. 

To help bring forward high quality broadband connections in these places, government is preparing to contract directly with a supplier in this area.  This preparatory stage is called ‘public review’. 

You may become eligible for a voucher again if your premises isn’t included in the final contract.  Please check back to this site at a future date or keep in touch with your local authority’s, or devolved administration’s, broadband team.


Where can I find out more about this information? 

You can find out more about Project Gigabit here. You can find more details specifically on public review here.  Your local authority, or devolved administration, may also be able to supply more information.