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More information on your eligibility response – expected commercial rollout

Why is my address not eligible for a voucher?  

We are using vouchers to help support the cost of broadband installation in places where:

  • Gigabit-capable connectivity is not available today, and 
  • A network provider is not expected to provide a service in the future. 

Government aims to help in places where the market is not expected to go.  As a result, our scheme only operates in areas where no build is planned, and competition between providers is not likely.  


Where do you get this information from? 

Ofcom, the regulator for telecommunications in the UK, carried out a Wholesale Fixed Telecoms Market Review (WFTMR) in 2020 which identified areas where network providers are likely to build gigabit-capable connectivity in the future.  

We also use data from Ofcom’s Connected Nations, which charts the evolving network infrastructure in the UK. 

We also use data gathered as part of Project Gigabit on network provider’s plans.  

Based on this data, we expect a network to be built in your area by one or more providers, if one is not already available.  As we gather more data on plans for commercial and government-funded roll out, voucher eligibility will be reviewed. 


Where can I find out more about this information? 

Ofcom published a number of consultation documents about its Wholesale Fixed Telecoms Market Review 2021-26.  You can find more information here.  Ofcom’s Connection Nations reports can be found here

You can also contact your current provider about their gigabit rollout plans or review your options with other broadband providers. Ofcom offers further advice here