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Scheme Logos


Different file formats on transparent, white or black backgrounds are available on request.

The following guidelines must be followed when using these logos or references to the scheme:

  1. The use of the logo must not imply any endorsement of a supplier or of one supplier over another.
    The logo must be of equal size to other partner logos.
  2. Suppliers with registered projects may present them to their customers as “available with support from DCMS”.
  3. Suppliers must NOT present themselves as an “approved supplier” nor infer that authority agreement to a project implies any sole supplier rights for the relevant location.
  4. The logos may not be used following the end of the scheme and/or the UK Gigabit Programme, or the cessation of the relevant supplier’s involvement in it.
  5. Placement of the logos must not imply any other accreditation or support of the supplier or its products other than the agreed project.
  6. The authority reserves the right to have a quote included in any press release associated with the scheme and/or the UK Gigabit Programme.
  7. Suppliers must only describe their involvement in the scheme as “Registered Supplier” and any projects as “approved”.

The right for suppliers to use the logos are under a non-exclusive licence only and do not confer upon suppliers any right or interest in the logos other than as set out in these terms. Logos should be used only as provided through the portal.

Suppliers must not do, nor cause or authorise to be done:

(i) anything which shall impair, damage or be detrimental to the reputation or goodwill associated with the authority, the scheme, the UK Gigabit Programme and/or the logos;

or (ii) anything which may adversely affect the value of the logos or their registration. The logos shall
not be altered in any way without prior written consent from the authority and the suppliers shall ensure that any reproduction under these terms shall be a true and exact replica of the relevant logos.