Go Superfast

About the scheme

The purpose of the scheme is to increase the speed of deployment of full fibre networks within the UK and to encourage suppliers to invest in gigabit capable services. The scheme provides micro-grants in the form of vouchers to support the cost of new connectivity. The voucher is a benefit to eligible small and medium businesses and in some circumstances residents, who must receive the full value of the voucher.

As the scheme is supplier-led, suppliers have a central role in aggregating demand for the scheme amongst their customers. Registered suppliers for the scheme will receive online access to voucher applications, guidance documents, marketing materials and the opportunity to manage their own profile on the scheme website.

Residential vouchers are available in all postcode areas at the current value of £500 but only as part of Project Pre-Registered Packages in which the ratio of vouchers contributed by SMEs is one business voucher to every ten residential vouchers. Connections which use wireless technology to meet the connectivity requirements are permitted but only where included as part of an agreed Project Pre-Registered Package that also demonstrates the deployment of additional fibre.

Please read the terms and conditions for details.