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Digital Profile

Recruiting for the gigabit generation

Digital Profile is a tech start-up business based in Cardiff that has created an online platform for job seekers to manage their career, opportunities and connections directly to potential employers.

In providing this service free of charge to job seekers they also then monitor available skills, training requirements, and career needs to provide essential economic data to local authorities monitoring corporate and social responsibility targets.

Dan Lewis, founder & CEO of Digital Profile, started the business in an office space sharing 30 Megabits per second of data with thirty other businesses. This became one of the deciding factors in moving premises to Trade Street in 2017. Dan explained: “For a business like ours that is totally reliant on a stable broadband connection at all times the connection that we had was severely business limiting. When we made the move I was determined that it would be hand-in-hand with full fibre connectivity.”

Working with their broadband supplier, Spectrum Internet, they were able to apply for the contribution towards the installation costs of full fibre through the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme. Since April 2018 the business has gone from being able to share 30 Megabits per second with other users to its own 100 Megabits per second.

Dan added: “Not only do we have an increased bandwidth for broadband, solely for our business, but it is also a reliable, continuous service for accessing and storing data. We have already extended our reach beyond Cardiff into new cities such as Bristol, Warwick and even Westminster.”