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Case studies

If you are interested in getting connected through a full fibre network you will first need to make enquiries with suppliers registered to the gigabit voucher scheme in your area.

Please enter your postcode on the Supplier search page to find out which suppliers can provide full fibre service in your area.

Digital Profile

This Cardiff-based tech start-up in the job search arena has been able to expand across the UK with its new gigabit-capable connection….Read more

Z Film Studios

With its gigabit connection this Stockport-based film studio has been transported into the digital filmmaking arena to compete on a global stage….Read more


With full fibre connection, this proptech business can deliver a global software solution from their Belfast location….Read more

East Hagbourne Community Fibre Partnership

Ninety-two premises, two business gigabit vouchers, and one school – this community broadband project was a real team effort….Read more

Edenvale Young

With uploads sent overnight and back-ups downloaded and stored off-site this Bristol business needed a gigabit solution to its growing business...Read more

Westmorland Veterinary Group

This Cumbrian veterinary practice has improved communication, business efficiencies and customer service, thanks to their new fibre broadband...Read more

Sun Salads

This rural family agricultural business in Dorset suffered from such poor broadband that their systems almost ground to a halt in the afternoons...Read more

NUCO International

When this Coventry-based business upgraded to a full fibre connection with a Gigabit Voucher it enabled them to migrate to cloud-based data exchange...Read more

Bauhaus Hotel

This hotel in Aberdeen operates its online bookings with ease and offers a gigabit guarantee with every room since its update to full fibre...Read more